Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's No Wonder

When I was growing up my mother's first rule was that we get all our our house chores, homework and all other of life's obstacles to our perceived happiness out of the way before we could have fun.


It just dawned on me that although I'm an adult now - and far enough along in that adulthood that no one checks my I.D. anymore - I still hold that way of life to be true. Well, no wonder I have a bunch of unfinished fun projects sitting around my otherwise clean house!

I'm up at five in the morning, commute 14 hours to and from work each week, get my son to school on time, stop at the grocery on my way home several times so I can make dinner, pick up the madness I left behind in the morning, set the table, clear the table, throw some laundry in the wash (or put it in the dryer) unload the dishwasher so I can load in the dinner dishes, dog my son to get ready for bed, pay a bill or two, tuck my son in, take my bath and get ready for bed myself... and then comes the weekend - the grocery store, the dry cleaners, laundry, house catch up, garden chores, ...and it goes on....gee .where on earth is MY time?

I hear what you're thinking right now; Quit complaining! Your bills are paid, the cat is fed, the bed is made, fresh towels are hung, the laundry is folded, your son will be smart one day, the coats are on their hooks, the pantry is stocked, the car is washed.

But it's 10pm!

I'm going to bed.


  1. That was brilliant, absolutely brilliant. It is a bit like that isnt it and yet we survive somehow. I came over via the Fifty Factor!

  2. My parents said the same thing. However, I see my garden and the cooking as both work and play, so I can totally justify ignoring the laundry so as to get the compost turned or the peas shelled.

  3. Thanks for your comment, Rootietoot! I'm getting better and better and ignoring the chores and finding time for what I love. I had to add culinary school into the mix. LOL One day I'll get to put my feet up and just enjoy!

  4. Welcome, Lilly! I love The Fifty Factor! I'm not a prolific as Joanna, but I'm workin' on it! Stay tuned! Jane