Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Kidding Boiled Eggs

For some, a hard boiled egg is nothing more than a bridge to an egg salad sandwich. Well, not anymore! Give this method a go next time you've got a dozen hangin' in the fridge and you'll be amazed at what an egg really tastes like. I'll bet it never makes its way between two pieces of bread!

Hard Boiled Eggs

1 sauce pan
Eggs * put as many as you like just use a pan that fit them all in the bottom
Water to cover eggs by at least an inch
Bring to a hard boil
Once the water has come to the hard boil TURN THE HEAT OFF, cover the pan and
set the timer for 8 minutes EXACTLY.
When the bell rings, pour off hot water, place the eggs in a bowl of ice water (yes, with ice cubes -- this bring the cooking of the egg to a quick halt.)

Cooking Note: a fresh egg doesn't peel as easily as a non fresh egg~

Peel and enjoy with a bit of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper! No mayo needed.

WARNING: After the first bite you'll be tempted to keep these little pillows of egg goodness to yourself, but be nice and share.


  1. I remain sceptical. There is something about the texture of an unsullied yolk that squicks me. However, I do love a nice simple egg salad, or a perfectly cooked scrambled egg, or even a perfectly cooked egg white with some salt and pepper.

  2. Who knew hard boiled eggs could taste so darn good! I tried this for lunch and it was AMAZING!!!!

  3. I just love your blog. And your recipe! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, the yolk is cooked all the way...just not dried out and grey! Give it a try!

  5. Oh wow, thank Joanna for sending me here, I'm horrible at boiling eggs for some reason! lol I'm going to try this method ASAP! Thanks for posting!

  6. Well, I have to thank Joanna as well! Glad to have you here! Do try the eggs and let me know what you think!

  7. Thanks for stopping by Anne H~ : ) Let me know what you think of the eggs!

  8. I shall be trying these today! Thanks.

  9. Lilly, let me know how they turn out

  10. Jane, tried your method this weekend, results perfect eggs! The best deviled eggs ever! I will use this method from now on, thank you!

  11. Annietiques: I'm so glad you like it! Can't believe it took me so long to learn this trick! enjoy