Sunday, June 21, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

I swear I was going to take pictures of the garden's progress this weekend but somehow, well, time got away from me! There are so many things I love doing, gardening, sewing, reading, cooking, silversmithing, knitting, etc etc etc. I've got a full time job that pays for all these sweet indulgences, but not enough time left each week to do them! I promise, new photos soon. In the meantime, enjoy this beauty that was taken on a recent trip to my hometown of Portland, Oregon. We were on a couple of garden tours just across the Columbia River in Washington and ran into this beautiful lavendar farm quite by accident. Serendipity!


  1. Letting life get in the way of blogging. Tsk.

  2. I know the feeling. Sometimes I can't believe it when the alarm clock goes off and it's Monday morning already!

    Beautiful picture!

  3. Hi Jane, thanks for visiting for Joanna's interview. I must go and visit that lavender farm not far up the freeway, soon!

  4. Rootietoot: Sigh, yes. I's all wrong, it's just all wrong! : )

    Rowe: Are you that close to this fab place?! How lucky! I've got to find me a hideaway back in Portland or in Washington State.

    Joanna: Thanks!